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From: Scott Westwood
Subject: College Caper Chapter 3WARNING:This story contains sexual acts between college age and older men. If this
is not to your tastes, and/or is illegal in your area please do not read any
further.The story is copyrighted. Please do not distribute it to any newsgroups
and/or web-sites without permission from the author. You may, however, send
it to your friends in any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to
this file.Parts Preteen Top of this story were inspired by my own experiences with fraternities.
However, THIS story is mostly fiction. Any resemblance to any individual,
alive or dead, may be accidental.Constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated. Flames will be
cheerfully (and totally) ignored.
College Caper
(MM, bd, sm, anal, whipping, cbt, initiation)
Chapter 3Thursday Evening — Brett & Bobby
(24 hours before the encounter with the Phi Sig Pledge Class)Having left Brett under Bobby’s control, I rushed out of the garage and took
up my position at the garage window. I was anxious to start working on
Brett of course, BUT there was a new dimension now. Bobby had proved
himself to be a real find. Not only could he take a lot of punishment but
he really craved it. The kid’s hormones were working overtime and I
salivated at the thought of the training that lay ahead for this boyish red
headed imp. Just how many times could he cum in a 24 hour period and under
how much pain. Time would tell.I was about to see Preteen Top
the other side of Bobby too. Unless I missed my guess,
he was a natural and could both give and receive with a determination that
staggered the imagination. For Brett, I suspected that he was about to find
out that “paybacks are a bitch.”As I looked across the garage, I could see Brett quickly removing his
clothes. They were in fact Bobby’s clothes any way and of course Bobby was
wearing Brett’s soccer uniform, well soaked in sweat from the heavy workout
he went through before we left the manor.Not wanting to inflame Bobby’s wrath, Brett was out of the clothes very
quickly. He folded them neatly and placed them gently on the work table.
Then he stood, naked, quivering in front of BOBBY! His own arrogance now
completely evaporated.Brett was, of course, beautiful! Hahaha, all Preteen Top the boys that worked in my
restaurants were hot. He was unlike Bobby in many ways. He had none of the
“boyish” looks that Bobby had. Preteen Top His body was sculpted… not too much
muscle.. highlighted pecs… defined abs… a chiseled face… thick light
brown hair with a deep part over his left eye, and incredibly piercing green
eyes! He exuded sexuality, and he knew it!This would be a VERY interesting encounter indeed.Bobby looked Brett’s body up and down. He took his time, walking around and
around. Preteen Top He said nothing as he licked his lips looking at Brett. For Brett,
it was having the effect I had no doubt Bobby was looking for. Brett, the
arrogant, self assured, star soccer player trembled in front of the cocky
upstart, who had somehow been given total control of his body.At last, Bobby stood in front of Brett and ordered him to stand with legs
spread and hands behind his head. Brett complied instantly, his now rock
hard manhood standing in full salute. Then Bobby finally spoke.”Okay, you arrogant piece of slave shit, Master has ordered me to prepare
you for a ride, and that is what I am gonna do! So Brett, do you remember
what you did to me last night?”Brett quivered and said, “Yes!”I was on the edge of my seat!Bobby stepped right in front Preteen Top of Brett and took hold of his balls. He glared
at Brett.”Brett, you stupid, shit? Unless I miss my guess, our Master has already
trained you a lot. Preteen Top
Isn’t it true that once you begin a session, you are NOT
to speak unless Master has given you permission?… If I am wrong, he will
punish me… and I will take it.”"So Brett, am I wrong about that?”Brett looked back at Bobby. He knew that Bobby was absolutely right and was
overcome by the realization that this upstart pup had learned so much in so
short a time.He was also aware that Bobby’s hand was gripping his balls in a very
threatening manner, so he did the only thing he could do… he remained
silent and lowered his eyes in submission.Bobby smiled and squeezed Brett’s balls, “Well good for you! Now we can get
down to it.”By now I was totally immersed in the drama that was unfolding before me.
There was no way that I would cut this short. Bobby could have his way with
Brett for as long as he wanted.After giving Brett’s balls a final sadistic twist, Bobby released his grip
and continued his prep. Standing in front of Brett, he slowly, and
seductively stripped out of the soccer uniform he was wearing.When he had finished, he stood there naked, fully erect and smiled at Brett.
The pile of sweaty soccer clothes was on the floor in front of him.Bobby approached Brett. He gestured at his own naked body and then at the
pile of his clothes.”Don’t worry Brett, I won’t get dressed yet. You can fantasize about me all
you want. Preteen Top Meanwhile, I am gonna do everything to you that you did to me
last night Preteen Top and more.”I could see that Brett was sweating.”Okay, Brett, let’s start with the feely part.”Bobby picked up the sweaty soccer shirt, hung it over Brett’s face and then
proceeded to feel every inch of Brett’s hot body. Judging by Brett’s
reaction, Bobby’s touch was like fire. By the time he had finished his
erotic inspection, Brett’s rock hard manhood was oozing gobs of precum.Noting Brett’s condition, Bobby pulled the shirt away from his face, wiped
Brett’s precum on his fingers and held it up to Brett’s nose.”Know what this is Brett?”Brett, did not speak.”Hahaha” Bobby roared, “I know you do, now lick it all off!”Brett quickly licked his juices from Bobby’s fingers, then waited.As had been done to him, Bobby put a collar around Brett’s neck then he
grabbed some rope and tied it to Brett’s engorged cock. He pulled the rope
between Brett’s legs, Preteen Top through his crack, up his back and secured it to the
collar with the same taut line hitch that Brett had used.Bobby laughed as he tightened the hitch and watched as Brett’s erect pole
was pulled down between his legs. Brett’s eyes began to glass over from the
pain of this forced misdirection of his manhood.Next, Bobby applied the leather wrist and ankle restraints so that Brett
would be ready for his upcoming bondage.Then there was a pause, as Bobby considered what next. Up until now, he had
pretty much done everything that Brett had done to him. I was reasonably
sure that he knew that when I entered I would order Brett to wash his toes,
feet, cock, balls and pubes the way he had done to Brett.This left Bobby with coming up with a new task for Brett, which was to be
from his own imagination. Bobby thought about this for some time as he
circled Brett’s quivering frame.After awhile, he went over to the table nearby and looked in the wooden
chest. Judging by the look on his face he was excited and intrigued by what
he saw. He picked up a leather parachute and examined it. I could tell he
was not quite sure what it was. However since he had been reading about
such things for some time, he quickly figured it out, picked up a couple of
small weights and returned to Brett. He held them up in front of Brett’s
eyes, then placed them on the floor in front of him.Bobby went back to the chest and returned with a simple D clamp. He walked
behind Brett, pulled his hands down behind his back and secured his wrists
with the clamp.He reached down, picked up the parachute and snapped it tightly around
Brett’s low hanging ball sack. He put on both of the small weights and
smiled devilishly as he let them drop from his hand.Brett moaned as the weights pulled his sac towards the floor.Bobby walked around Brett, admiring his handiwork. I had to admit, it was
an awesome sight. There stood, young Bobby, naked, with his smooth,
energized Preteen Top
teen toned body and ever present erection, in front of a sweating
and quivering Brett. And what a sight Brett now made. Naked, legs spread
wide, leather collar, ankle and wrist restraints, monster hardon secured by
a rope that pulled it down between his legs, ball sac stretched towards the
floor and wrists behind his back. Yes it was a sight indeed.Another moment passed, then Bobby looked around the room. He saw what he was
looking for and then began lighting the candles that were scattered about.
When he was through, he switched off the lights, grabbed a chair and sat
down in front of Brett.He waited for almost ten minutes before giving Brett his next order.”Okay Brett, I want Master to be able to see your body glistening with sweat
when I bring him in. Now, start running in place… slowly.Brett took a deep, resigned breath and carefully pulled his legs together,
and began running in place slowly. It took him awhile to get the hang of it
with his hard manhood being pulled towards the floor and weights hanging
from his balls. Eventually he was able to get the right running stance and
was working himself into a decent rhythm. Throughout all of this, Brett
remained absolutely rock hard. As I stared in awe, I came to the
realization that these two hungry puppies were pretty evenly matched after
all. Both were self assured about their Preteen Top bodies and their ability to succeed
at any Preteen Top task. While Brett’s strength stemmed from an arrogant confidence,
Bobby’s strength came from a reckless confidence. And both possessed a
boldness that was somehow connected to insatiable sexual desires. Yes they
made quite a pair.Bobby watched for awhile, telling Brett to pick up the pace from time.
Brett complied immediately, running harder Preteen Top while staring smugly back at
Bobby.After 30 minutes of this, Brett was breathing very heavily. His body
glistened with sweat and he was struggling to Preteen Top keep the pain in his cock and
balls at bay. Though his cock was still pulled tightly down between his
legs, it’s constant hardness was like a flag of defiance towards Bobby. And
Brett would not lower that flag.Finally Bobby seemed pleased with his prep work. He told Brett to stop
running. Brett did so immediately. Following Bobby’s next order, Brett
spread his legs wide and began catching his breath. As soon as his breathing
seemed pretty normal, Bobby grabbed the sweaty jockstrap he had warn during
his workout, balled it up and forced it into Brett’s mouth.Satisfied at last, Bobby turned away, and headed towards the garage door. He
made no move to retrieve any of his clothes.As soon as he came through the door, into the hallway, I called his name and
he rushed over to me.”Brett is prepared for you Master. I hope you will be pleased.” He smiled.I chuckled, “Well Bobby, from what I can see he has been well prepared. Now
we need to have him return the tongue wash favor to you and we can get him
into the van.”Bobby seemed very happy. I made no move to leave and looked at Bobby’s face.
He was considering something. I decided to help him along.”Bobby, you can speak freely right now and may even ask some questions. So,
what’s on your mind?”"Well, sir, it’s like this… and I hope I am not asking too much… I know
I just started with Preteen Top you… and I know this may sound corny… but this does
feel so right too me. I have dreamed about this for so long now… and I
want to run with it…”I smiled at Bobby, knowingly, and encouraged him to proceed, “Go on Bobby.”He really looked like a scared yet hopeful little kid now.”Sir, I wanted you to know that since this is a long weekend, all my Friday
professors have given us a reading assignment for tomorrow, so I don’t have
any of my usual classes. And if this is too much to ask already, I’ll
understand, I am after all the new kid on the block…”I waited, and was rewarded as Bobby took a deep breath and spit it out, “If
you could use me, I would be happy to help you with Brett some more… or
even do some more training myself.”His confidence wavered slightly as he stood before me, unsure if he had gone
too far. His cock began to soften.I stood there for a moment and just stared at him. He tried to return the
stare, but started to glance down nervously.Finally I laughed and reached over patting him on the shoulder.
“I’ll tell you what Bobby, I am gonna take you up on your offer, but not
perhaps in the way you might think. I will take you with me tonight and you
will be put through everything that Brett goes through. What’s more, you
and he will also do some team building as well. This will take you through
till morning. At which time I will bring both of you back here so you can
rest up.Then you will report to the restaurant late Friday afternoon to start work.
Brett will be working this weekend too and he will help you along.”Bobby’s cock answered before he did. He smiled, and snapped to attention.
“Thank you sir, you won’t we regret this.”He followed me back into the garage. As we approached, Brett immediately
dropped to his knees. He leaned forward, touched his forehead to the floor
in front of me and then in front of Bobby.Then he sat Preteen Top back up, leaned back on his legs, and slowly lowered himself
back until his upper back touched the floor with his legs spread wide and
bent back under him. With his hands secured behind his back, cock in
bondage the way it was and the parachute on his balls, it was not an easy
task.But, there he was, in that beautiful “present” position now, body glistening
with sweat, chest heaving up and down and his sex organs painfully aroused.I stared in awe for several long moments. Preteen Top If I gave in to my desires, I
would tear off my own clothes and shoot a load onto that wondrous body. I
sighed and then spoke.”Well done Brett. You can stand up now.”Brett struggled to his feet and stood before me. I looked at Bobby, who then
walked over and stood beside Brett.I stepped closer to Brett and removed the jock strap from his mouth, then
stepped back.”Well, both of you have done well this evening so far. We need to move
along right now. This is going to be new territory for both of you. It
WILL Preteen Top also be a very real challenge.”They looked at each other, then back at me. And I saw it clearly as day….
by the way they looked at each other… the way they stood and waited. The
strength in both was fully charged, Brett’s based firmly on an arrogant
confidence and Bobby’s on one of recklessness.I had thrown down a gauntlet, and both had picked it up at the same time.
Neither would let Preteen Top
go unless the other did first. Yes Preteen Top this was going to be a
wild ride.I proceeded.”Okay for the next couple of minutes you two may speak openly as needed.
Brett Bobby has prepared you and we’re going to head out to the manor.
Bobby, gather up your clothes and Brett’s soccer uniform and put them in the
van.”Bobby jumped Preteen Top to it and quickly completed the assigned task. He walked back
over and stood beside Brett.”Okay,” I continued. “Since you are both pretty even right now…”Bobby looked up at me and said quickly, “Uh, sir, sorry to interrupt, but
we’re not really even. I mean look at Brett, he’s been prepared, I Preteen Top
been. It wouldn’t be fair to him.”Before I could respond, Brett chimed in, “Hey don’t worry about me boy, I
can handle it. Don’t put yourself out on my account!”He looked at me and declared, “That’s okay, sir, we can continue.”I looked at Bobby, “Is that okay with you Bobby?”Bobby glanced over at Brett then looked at me imploringly. “Not really sir,
I would just as soon start out even with him. So if it is not too much
trouble, could you prepare me?”Brett started to protest again, but Preteen Top
I motioned him silent. I walked over to
the chest and gathered up everything I needed. Bobby stood silently as I
quickly secured him the same manner as Brett… cock tied Preteen Top off with a rope
pulled between his legs, through his crack with the end of the rope tied to
the back of a collar. I looked over at Brett and carefully tightened the
rope so that Bobby’s hard cock was pulled down at exactly the same painful
angle as Brett’s. I completed my handiwork by adding a pair of ankle
restraints to Bobby and then securing his wrists tightly behind his back. I
also added a parachute to Bobby’s balls with the same amount of weight as
I laughed and stepped back. “Will that do Bobby?”"Uh, just one more thing sir… I have to do the run!”I glanced at Brett who smiled back at me. I wasn’t sure but, I got the
distinct feeling that Brett was impressed.I laughed again. “Okay, Bobby, as I recall it took a good 30 minutes. We
can do that. Brett, you command Bobby through this part.”Brett shouted at Bobby and had him start to run in place. During the next
30 minutes, I stood beside Brett, lightly massaging his shoulders and arms
as he continued ordering Bobby through his bound run in place.By the time it was over, Bobby was covered with sweat. His balls were
aching for release in many ways. I let him catch his breath, then inquired,
“So Bobby, are you satisfied?”
Bobby replied enthusiastically. “Yes sir.”I took the opportunity to allow then to replace some of the fluid they had
lost through exertion. I grabbed some sports drinks from the office frig and
held them up to allow them to drink their fill.Before we left Brett had one thing left to do and we moved onto that now.I brought a chair over and had Bobby sit in it. Brett worked his way onto
his knees, bent over, and proceeded to wash Bobby’s sweaty feet with his
mouth and tongue. He did a nice job too. After he licked the top and sides
of Bobby’s feet, he worked on the soles. Bobby was moaning with delight and
giggling. As Brett moved on to Bobby’s toes I stepped back for a slightly
wider view.The site of these two naked young men, cock and balls bound, hands secured
behind them was exciting enough. But there was Brett, the star soccer
player stud on his knees sucking the toes of this sweaty cute dude. It was
very, very hot.I watched in awe as Brett sucked and licked everyone of Bobby’s toes… then
began working his tongue up the inside of Bobby’s leg, towards manhood
central.I helped things a long at this point by quickly removing Preteen Top the rope from their
cocks and the parachutes from their balls… their cocks both sprang to
full alert. There hands remained bound behind them.Bobby inched himself to the edge of the chair, giving Brett full access to
everything Brett needed.Brett’s tongue slowly moved across Bobby’s inner thigh and reached his
balls. He licked the balls, then took each ball into his mouth and swished
it around… like a washing machine I thought. He carefully cleaned Bobby’s
aching manhood with his tongue and then buried his mouth in Bobby’s pubes,
determined to suck every hair clean.It was obvious to me now what was going on, the competition had begun, and
Brett was showing that he could do a better job than Bobby had done. As to
Bobby, well, he had everything he could do to keep from losing control of
his burning manhood juice. He was working hard to control his breathing.When at last Brett was finished, Preteen Top he sat back on his ankles and smiled at me.I looked at Bobby, he was breathing hard, his face was contorted and he was
fighting a tough battle to keep from cumming.”How about you Bobby, satisfied?” Bobby could not speak for fear of losing
that control… he just smiled at me and nodded.”Well okay then boys, let’s head to the van.”Brett jumped to his feet. Bobby followed suit, and regained full control.They walked over to the back of the van and waited. I turned on the garage
light and blew out all the candles. I grabbed a couple of more items from
the chest Preteen Top
and then climbed into the back of the van, motioning them to
follow.They climbed in as well, being careful not to lose their balance with their
hands still bound behind them. They knelt side by side facing me.”Okay, this is the way things are going to be tonight. You two are going to
be facing a series of challenges and manhood tests. In order to complete
them, you will have to work together at times. There will be some individual
tests as well. If you face a challenge that requires individual effort, and
one of you fails, both will receive a penalty. If you both fail, one of you
will be singled out for a very hard penalty. Understood?” They both said,
“Yes, sir.”Until I say otherwise, you two are free to talk to each other, but only
enough to complete the task at hand. Understood?” They confirmed, “Yes,
sir!”"And finally boys in order to be successful and be able to move on, you must
both make it to the morning without giving up. If either of you do, we will
come back at another time and start again. Remember also boys the safe word
procedure. They are always there for you.”They acknowledged this and then I told them to lie down on Preteen Top the van floor on
their sides, facing each other.They did as they were told and were quickly lying face to face and groin to
groin.I climbed beside each of them and carefully inserted a medium butt plug into
each them. Despite the previous use, both of their holes were still
enticingly tight.Then I placed both of them into sideways hog-ties by securing their ankle
restraints and attaching them to their wrists.Finally, I grabbed Preteen Top their long hard cocks and held them together. I took a
small cylindrical vibrator and laid it between their cocks. Then I wrapped
duct tape around the two cocks and vibrator package. The two boys were now
secured, with Bobby’s cockhead poking into Brett’s pubes and Brett’s
cockhead probing Bobby’s balls, and the vibrator held firmly Preteen Top
along the
length of both of their cocks.I leaned between their faces, “Okay boys, I think you have the picture.
Neither of you is allowed to CUM. You may talk to each other, but you WILL
not speak to me unless I give you permission first.”I could see that they understood. Both looked pretty nervous at this point.I reached between them, switched the vibrator to a stroking vibration,
medium intensity and climbed up to the driver’s seat. At this particular
setting, the vibrations would slowly move up and down the cylinder, like a
slowly moving vibrating finger.The garage door sprang open after I clicked the remote opener and closed
behind us as we headed out to the manor.I had planned a longer drive to let them “enjoy” the challenge.After we had gone a few miles, I pulled into a fast food restaurant. No one
could see into the back of the van so there was no problem.I went in side and came back with a bag of burgers, some fries and shakes.
We drove off and then after about ten minutes I found a quiet spot to pull
over.I climbed into the back of the van, opened a wrapper and placed a giant
deluxe burger on the floor between Brett and Bobby’s faces.”Okay, you two, I want you to share and eat this all up. And when you are
done I expect to see clean mouths and faces.”I spread the wrapper out further, poured out a pile of fries and squeezed
ketchup all over them.”"When you are done, I’ll let you have a drink.”I returned to the front seat and started eating, listening to the two of
them talking and working on the food. They were both quite bright. After
some initial struggling, they figured how to work together. While one held
the burger in his mouth, the other would take a bite. Then they would
reverse roles. The fries were not a big problem. By the time they had eaten
everything, their faces were splashed with ketchup, mustard mayo and bits of
food. Wasting no time, they licked each others face clean and waited.I returned to the back and placed a milkshake between them.Once more they worked together, nudging the shake back and forth, one
supporting the side of the cup as the other drank.As I picked up the trash, I could see the vibrator was starting to have an
effect on Bobby. He was beginning that controlled breathing and his butt
cheeks were tightly clenched.We drove off again and I continued my long route to the manor. As we drove,
I listened as Brett began whispering words of encouragement to Bobby who was
having a very rough time. Bobby apologized to Brett several times for being
so sensitive. Brett yelled at Bobby to look him right in the eye and to
listen to what he said. As Brett assumed control he slowly and methodically
talked Bobby through the challenge. With each desperate moment he helped
Bobby retain control, sometimes with stern commands, other times with gentle
encouragement.As I would discover later that night, this dynamic would be completely
reversed as Bobby would help talk Brett through some of the more painful
challenges.When we arrived at the manor, I released their ankles from the hog-tie and
then I helped the two of them out of the van. I left their cocks bound
together, but switched the vibrator off and told them to wait behind the
van.I hurried down into the basement, lit a large number of candles and moved a
few pieces of equipment into place. Then I went back upstairs, called to
the boys and told them to come downstairs. I enjoyed watching my two
“joined at the cock” studs, work their way into the basement dungeon.I directed them to stand in the middle of the dungeon. I stood beside them,
patted my hands on their faces and kissed them gently.”You two are making me very, very proud and happy. I am looking forward to
great things from both of you.” I kissed them again and rustled their hair.
Both stood proudly, waiting eagerly for their next challenge.So, I proceeded. I released their arms from behind their backs and took a
little time to massage their arms and shoulders. Then I pulled their arms
over their heads and secured them to chains that hung from the ceiling. I
tightened the chains enough to ensure that they were stretched fairly taut,
but could still stand on their feet. Then I attached ball stretchers to
both of them… and connected them together with a light chain. I hung two
small weights on the chain between them and was satisfied to see all four
balls tugged gently towards the ground. Then I checked to ensure that their
small butt plugs were still secure.So there they were, my two beautiful slave boys, Preteen Top their hard cocks bound
together by duct tape, balls stretched and joined by a weighted chain, arms
secured overhead.”Boys, we are about to open a new door for the two of you. I suspected from
the start that you were both special and yearned for more than just the
usual play. If I am wrong, tell me so, and we will continue along, shall we
say more traditional lines of play. If not and you understand what I am
saying, then tell me that also. You are now both free to speak to me.They looked at each other, thought for awhile then looked at me. Brett
began.”Sir, to be honest with you, in the beginning I did it cause it was
different and exciting, and well, gave me the best orgasms I’ve ever had and
I really do want to continue serving you. But as I said, lately I have been
wanting more… something really deep. I know it will not be easy, but it’s
what I want. And… he stammered… well, somehow doing this with Bobby….
well, uh feels very very right…” He looked at me pleadingly then at Bobby,
whose eyes watered.They just stared at each other for a moment. They were connected in more
way than the bonds. Brett’s lip quivered. I had no doubt that this was the
first time he had ever been this open and he was scared.Bobby held Brett’s gaze for a few more moments, then I saw that impish smile
of his as he turned to me.”So Master, is this the part in the movie where we are supposed to kiss?” he
winked.Brett snapped out of his dreamlike state and yelled at Bobby.”Damn it Bobby, that was tough enough for me to say without you clowning
around!”I couldn’t break in, this was just too precious a moment.Bobby laughed and then spoke directly to Brett.”I’m sorry Brett, I just couldn’t resist. I get a little nervous sometimes
about, you know feelings and emotional stuff, especially when they are so
similar to my own.”He let that sink in. Now it was Brett’s turn to get teary eyed.
Bobby looked at me and continued. “Sir, I can’t explain it but when I came
to you for the job… I knew right from the start that it was more than
that. I could read between the lines, widescreen. I knew there was sex in
the deal. That’s why I went ahead even after you told me I could have the
job without it. All my life I have had these feelings for guys. Though I
have fooled around with guys and girls, I always came away empty. I
remembered some of the things my friends and I did when I was young… you
know the sex games… bets… dares… and such. They made me so hot. Then
a couple of years ago, I started Preteen Top digging into these web sites about BDSM and
such. I couldn’t get enough, I knew I wanted it but was scared as hell.
Probably because I knew how badly I needed it.That’s when you came along sir. As soon as you told me that hokey story
about the training…”Bobby stopped and froze. “Uh sorry sir, uh…”I laughed, “That’s okay Bobby, go Preteen Top on, you’re doing fine.”He seemed reassured. “So like I said, I sensed this might be it. It was
weird. So what if this old fart needed to get off torturing me….”This time he really froze with a look of panic.Before I could respond Brett chimed in, “Damn Bobby, easy man, what the hell
are you trying to do, make it even harder?”Bobby thought for a moment and looked at Brett, “Oh geeze, I sometimes blab
too much I know.”Brett gave him the evil eye, “You’re damn right you do, now cool it. I
think he knows that already and is understanding enough not to get too
upset, well maybe except for the old fart comment…isn’t that so sir?”
Brett looked towards me.I had everything I could do to keep from busting a gut right then and there.
These two were clearly a pair.”Well Brett, you are right on all counts. I appreciate Bobby’s openness but
I will have to punish both of you for that old fart remark… it was
disrespect.”Brett looked back at Bobby as if to say, ‘SEE.’Bobby’s look of panic was gone now, replaced for a moment by that dang
impish grin.He continued, “Anyway, I am sorry sir, but I know this is what I have been
waiting for all my life. I want the deep stuff as well and I know that you
can give it to us.”He smiled at me and then at Brett. Ah yes, Brett, that cocky, arrogant
jock. Seen Preteen Top
by all as the commander of his own destiny. Chased by girls and
boys, but afraid to open up to any single one. He had caught Bobby’s final
word “us” and was completely overcome.Bobby smiled and looked at Brett. “Now don’t get too much of a swelled head
about this….” He looked down at their enjoined cocks. “Or anything else.”
He laughed.
“Dammit Bobby, you are such an absolute shit…” Brett was yelling at Bobby
now and would probably have gone on longer if I had let it.I slapped both of them on the ass hard and said, “Okay, you two, now shut up
and kiss!”They did and what a passionate kiss it was. They held it a long time until
Brett broke it off, concerned about the gyrations beginning in Bobby’s
groin.I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around them both and spoke softly.”Well boys, now this is where I am coming from. It is true, I do get off
playing with guys. Playing hard at times I will add. Over the years I have
trained many slave boys and no doubt I will train many more. But with the
two of you, I have found something I thought I would never find, and I am
very excited.”"If you are both sure of this, I will continue your training and
development. You know I will be tough on you both, very tough, but I will
also take care of you. So are you completely sure?”They looked at each other for a moment and then said in perfect unison, “YES
SIR!”I smiled, patted them on the shoulders and spoke firmly, “Very well my two
hungry slave boys, listen carefully. You are now back under my orders. You
may not speak to me without permission. You may continue to speak to each
other but only as little as possible. This is not a gab fest!”Brett glared at Bobby.”Throughout the rest of the night and for the rest of the weekend, you will
not touch your own cock, balls or ass with your own hand.”They looked a little concerned. I continued.”If you need to pee, your partner here will go with you and hold your dick
so you can pee. If you need to shit, your partner will wipe your ass with
toilet paper when you are done. If you need to shower, your partner will
wash those areas for you. And if you somehow earn the right to cum, your
partner will also do that to you. This will continue until Monday evening.
And Brett, while you two are at the restaurant, you may use the bathroom in
my private office. Out side of that, you have to figure things out.
Understood?They looked at me and nodded.”Very well, we will proceed.”I noted that their cocks had softened a bit so I decided to get something
out of the way.”Now since you two are softer now, and probably have to pee, I want you both
to do so right now.”They both looked shocked. Brett paled and looked like he was gonna cry from
the shame.I smacked them both on the ass and shouted, “DO IT NOW!”It actually didn’t take long. Bobby started first. He was just soft enough
to do it, albeit a little painfully. His cock was still in the same
position, aiming right at Brett’s pubes. Releasing his bladder Bobby
glanced down as his warm yellow stream flooded Brett’s pubes and ran down
his legs and balls.Brett was flushed with embarrassment. Bobby noted this and encouraged him.
“Come on Brett, it’s okay man, just do it.”Brett looked at Bobby, found what he needed and then released.Bobby winced as a torrent of warm piss shot into his balls. It splashed
over his thighs and legs and dripped from his balls. Brett was whimpering
aloud.I waited until the drops of piss trickled off than reached in and switched
the vibrator back on high. It didn’t take long. When they were both rock
hard again, I switched the vibrator off.”Now boys, for this next challenge, you will both need to select a paddle
and a whip. When I point to the one you want, nod your head. Brett you
select first.”I walked over to the wall rack.For a paddle, Brett chose a heavy ping pong paddle covered with a sandpaper
surface. He selected a leather belt from the whipping rack.Booby took his time and eventually chose a nasty looking paddle covered with
tiny stubs and a very impressive leather tawse, with three leather tongues.
>From experience I knew that, when used properly it could produce
considerable pain but not much real damage.
I placed the implements on a table nearby. Then I explained the challenge.”For the next hour, you will take turns sharing all the things you feel
badly about having done up to this point in your life… wrongs your have
committed… things you wish you could take back and so on. You will hold
nothing back, nothing at all. Brett, you will confess one thing, and a
punishment lash or paddle will be deliverd… then you Bobby. Preteen Top We will go
back and forth for the full hour. I expect both of you to didg deep and get
it all out to each other now.”I could see they both understood. As I said, both were very bright. And
both looked very nervous. Sweat began dripping from their armpits.”Oh yes, and one final thing, Brett, I will be using the punishment items
that Bobby chose Preteen Top on you and vice versa.”Brett’s eyes widened as he looked again at the items Bobby had chosen. He
knew both were very painful. Bobby looked like he was gonna protest, but a
sharp nudge from Brett stopped him.I smiled, “Very well, Bobby, you begin.” Bobby thought for a moment then
looked Preteen Top Brett in the eye and confessed that he had stolen money from his best
friend’s drawer several times when he was 8 years old.I picked up the studded paddle and delivered a very hard ‘SMACK’ to Brett’s
beautiful white ass.Brett gasped rather loudly, from both the pain and the surprise.”Now you two understand how this works. You each will be punished for the
other’s wrongs! As I said, I expect you to be completely honest, hold
nothing back.”And so it continued for the next hour. As each confessed a wrong, the other
received punishment. Using tawse, belt, ping pong paddle and the heavy
studded paddle I methodically worked there backs, butts and thighs until
they were bright red and covered with welts and red marks. I knew they
looked worse than they were and would be gone in a few days. Bobby got the
worse end of the deal. Brett had done some pretty nasty stuff once he
learned how to use his good looks to get what he wanted.As the end of the hour neared, I switched the vibrator back on high. They
had never lost their original hardness during the whole challenge, now they
began to undulate in perfect harmony with each other. Tears filled their
eyes. I could tell that they had been very thorough. The last few
confessions were trivial in nature. I approached them and held both of them
firmly by the back of the neck and declared.”Boys, you have both done well but I know that you both have one last
confession to make and it is about each other. There will be one more lash
for each of you as soon as you both confess.”They both looked at me in knowing horror, then looked at each other in full
surrender. Brett spoke first.”Bobby, I am so sorry man, Preteen Top I hated you when we first met, I wanted you to
fail, I tried to make you fail.” He cried deeply as Bobby spoke, “Brett, oh
god, I’m sorry too, I really hated you and wanted to get back at you in the
worst sort of way, maybe even take your place.”They gazed into each others eyes and just cried. I looked at their cocks,
bound as one, and saw the signs in their balls.In one fluid movement, I reached in, switched the vibrator to full power,
grabbed the tawse and delivered a mighty blow across both of their burning
asses in quick succession.They screamed loudly as I saw the balls weights rising as their balls
contracted upwards to the base of their burning manhood.Another incredible scream echoed across the basement as both of them came in
what could only be described as the most explosive orgasm I have ever seen.
Wave after wave of hot cum shot out of Brett’s cock head, plowing into
Bobby’s balls and splattering in every direction. Bobby’s head erupted at
the same time, pouring sheets of man seed into Brett’s thick bush which
wasn’t thick enough to absorb it all. Soon small trickles of Bobby’s cum
were running down Brett’s legs.Matching my hand movements to there perfectly synchronized pelvic gyrations,
I grabbed there balls firmly and squeezed gently as they continued to
deliver their seed onto each other.When at last it subsided, they slumped in their restraints, moaning softly.I quickly removed the ball weights, separators, and unwrapped their bound
cocks. I Preteen Top
then released them from the ceiling chains and gently lowered each
to the floor.They immediately wrapped their arms Preteen Top around each other and snuggled warmly,
in the middle of a sea of urine and cum.I left them that way for at least a half an hour, then returned to find them
both sound asleep. I carefully carried each of them to cells at opposite
ends of the cell row. I laid them both on there stomachs on a soft blanket
and spent the next hour going back and forth between their cells, applying a
soothing ointment to there backs, butts and thighs. By the end of the hour,
the redness on both of them had faded from bright crimson to a warmer shade
of red and many of the smaller tawse and belt marks were already receding.
Sitting was gonna be tough for both of them for several days though.As I finished ministering to each, they both hugged me hard and long! I
told each to eat and drink and relax for another hour and that I would
return to see if they were ready to continue.I left a large bottle of spring water and a plate of hot food in each of
their cells and then locked the doors and left the room.When I returned, both were standing expectantly at the door to their cells.
As soon as they saw me, they dropped to their knees, touched their heads to
the floor and then dropped backwards into the “present” position. Made
slightly more challenging now given the tender nature of backs, thighs and
butts.I went to each cell in turn and walked my slave boys to the center of the
room. I motioned to them, and they put hands behind their heads and spread
there legs. They looked poised and confident, in spite of the fact that the
fronts of their bodies were splattered all over with dried cum and smelled
of urine.”Well boys, you have both done very well. Is there any reason we should not
proceed?”They glanced at each other and shook there heads.I smiled and then proceeded.”Very well boys. Get down on all fours Preteen Top and face the bucket you see behind
you.”They did as they were told.”The bucket is filled with hot soapy water and you have a task to perform to
perform, before we begin. You will now remove the butt plugs from each
other without using your hands and drop them in the bucket. Though you may
help the plug along, your partner is to do most of the work to get it out of
They looked at me then at each other. Bobby smiled and said, “Okay, Brett,
I’ll go first… lower your chest to the ground.”Brett did as Bobby asked and waited while Bobby crawled around behind him.
He braced himself as Bobby worked his mouth between Brett’s cheeks and took
hold of the butt plug with his teeth.Bobby started tugging at the plug and crawling backwards. Brett braced
himself and tried to help a little by relaxing his muscles. Bobby started to
jerk the plug out with some forceful backward moves as Brett strained to
keep from being pulled over.It was another beautiful image, the hot naked jock on his knees on the
floor, butt in the air and the another hot young man on all fours behind
him, with his face in his ass tugging at a butt plug with his teeth.After a solid 15 minutes of groans and a lot of sweat, the plug finally
began to budge. As soon as Bobby felt Brett’s tight hole giving way, he
began pulling with all his might. He braced himself and then made one huge
lunge backward. Brett screamed as the plug popped out of his tight hole.Meanwhile, Bobby trotted over to the bucket on his hands and knees and
dropped the plug into the hot soapy water. He crawled back to Brett…
lowered his chest to the floor, ass in the air and said, “Go to it buddy.”Brett took his place behind Bobby and began working his mouth into Bobby’s
crack. Somehow he managed to bite down on the end of the plug that was
buried deep inside Bobby’s tight little hole.He braced himself and began pulling as hard as he could. For the next 30
minutes I had a ringside seat to the most incredible show. Brett tugged and
pulled… to no avail. He had Bobby assume a variety of the most Preteen Top humiliating
positions imaginable to try and get enough leverage to pull the plug out.
Nothing worked.As they lay on the floor, side by side, sweating like big dogs, Brett looked
over at Bobby, panting.”Listen dude, I am just about spent. Every muscle is aching. But I have an
idea.”Brett directed Bobby’s attention to a table near the corner of the room. It
was a large oaken table with a stone pillar sticking up through the center.
The table had actually been built around the pillar.”Go over and get up on that table. Wrap your arms tightly around that
pillar then crouch down, with your ass sticking out over the edge.”Bobby complied and was quickly in position. Brett caught his breath then
crouched behind Bobby’s exposed ass.”Now in just a second, Bobby. As soon as you feel me bite down on the plug,
I want you to pull yourself closer to the pillar. Then just hang on for dear
life and don’t you damn let go!”I could see what Brett had planned and positioned myself Preteen Top on the floor behind
him. I whispered in Brett’s ear, “Don’t worry boy, I’ll catch you.”
At this point, Brett rose up and took hold of Bobby’s plug with his teeth.
Bobby pulled himself closer to the pillar, causing his butt to rise up more.In an amazing display of athleticism, Brett got his feet up on the edge of
the table and leaned back. Preteen Top Brett was now suspended in the air by his teeth
that were locked on the plug in Bobby’s ass.I slid beneath Brett and waited to brace his fall.Bobby was now screaming out load. The pressure on his hole was unreal.
Then, in one quick motion, Brett forced his knees into a straight leg
position. Their two bodies rose a little higher. Bobby screamed and
screamed as Brett’s full weight finally forced the plug out.Brett dropped on top of me, the plug still in his mouth, then after a moment
simply trotted over and dropped the plug in the bucket.Bobby let go of the pillar, climbed off the table and walked over to Brett.I clapped my hands and then inquired, “By any chance do you two studs need
to relieve yourselves?”They nodded.”Okay, you know where the bathroom is upstairs. You may use that, just
remember the rules.”They headed upstairs with Bobby in the lead. He looked back at Brett as they
bounced up the stairs, “Come on ‘ass-wipe’” he laughed. Brett smacked him
on the ass and said, “Okay cock-holder.”While the two took care of business upstairs, I took care of mine.I pulled the heavy work bench that I used for spankings and such to the
center of the room and latched it to the floor. It now stood facing the St.
Andrew’s Cross.Then I pulled a small table closer to the cross. I covered it with a black
cloth and placed two gallon jars on it. One was painted red, the other
white. Both held a number of pieces of folded white paper. I moved a few
more floor stand candle holders closer to the bench and the table and lit
the candles.When Brett and Bobby returned, I was standing in front of the cross with my
arms crossed, dressed in a hooded Crimson robe.Their demeanors changed very quickly as they approached me. They nodded to
each other and then dropped to their knees and went through the present
routine.A moment passed and I had them stand.I looked at Brett and said, “Boy, you will now secure Bobby on the bench!”Brett led a nervous Bobby to the bench. He forced Bobby onto the bench,
with his ass in the air. Brett spread Bobby’s legs and attached his ankle
restraints to the bench legs.He walked around to the front and secured Bobby’s wrists to the front legs.
On this particular bench, Bobby’s stomach wrested on the bench top. His ass
pointed into the air and his genitals hung completely free and clear. In
this position I had complete access to Bobby’s ass and private parts.I next motioned Brett to the cross. He walked over, leaned with his back to
the cross and obediently spread his arms and legs wide. It took just a few
moments to secure wrists and ankles to the cross.Both slave boys were now completely at my mercy.”Well, my boys, we have arrived at tonight’s final challenge. You will both
be tested. On the Preteen Top table before you, you see two jars. One red, the other
white. The red jar contains penalties suitable for some one secured as you
are Bobby, the white one contains ones suitable for someone in your position
We will begin the challenge after I complete Bobby’s preparation.Both boys looked excited, but scared.I walked over to a chest, retrieved an object and approached Bobby. His
eyes widened as he saw it was the “Water-bater.” That great device for
masturbatory torture. It consisted of a long plastic cylindrical tube whose
walls were filled with water. There was also a heating element that warmed
the water in the walls and a constriction band that moved up and down
whatever shaft found itself locked in Preteen Top the tube.I squirted some lube into the tube then slide it over Bobby’s hard member
and secured to him with a strap around his balls.”Now Bobby, my sweet slave, you had this on your manhood last night and know
what it can do. What you don’t know is that it actually has ten levels. At
a level one, the water is just warm enough… the constriction band is at
it’s loosest setting, and the speed of the band moving up and down you is at
it’s slowest. With each level, the water grows hotter… the band tighter
and the jacking faster… so I think you get the picture.”Bobby looked pale. Brett was the same.”You both remember how to use those little safe words?”… they nodded.
“And, you remember how to grunt should you find yourself unable to speak?”
Bobby nodded.”Now here is how this fun little game works. In a moment I will switch the
water-bater on its setting 2. Then we will wait.”I walked back to Bobby, wrapped a leather strap around his forehead and then
pulled it back so that Bobby’s head was up and facing Brett. I secured the
strap with a rope so that Bobby could not lower his face.”Bobby, your eyes will remain open at all times and you will keep them on
Brett.”I switched the water-bater on and continued.”Everytime Bobby reaches a climax, wet or dry, I will turn the setting up
one level. I will also pull a Penalty slip from the white jar and carryout
the penalty on Brett’s body. If Brett screams or says anything other than
the slightest moan during the Penalty, I will pull a penalty from the red
jar and perform it on Bobby. In addition, I will turn the Water-bater up
one level.They shook with fear and excitement. An excitement that was further
confirmed by a distinct rise in Brett’s manhood.Then I pulled up a chair and took a seat. I let them this way for just a
few minutes, thinking, this wouldn’t be so bad.At last I rose to my feet and walked between them.At this point, I need to share a little something about my own body, though
I was 40, I was still in halfway decent shape. I have a strong hairy chest,
soft, but reasonably flat stomach and I am very well endowed. The chubby
face that bothered me all my life and resisted every attempt to thin it is
in Preteen Top
direct contrast, to the rest of my body.With slow but deliberate motions, I opened my robe and let it drop to the
floor. I stood naked before Preteen Top them. I smiled at both, then approached Brett.Bobby’s eyes widened.I stood next to Brett and began tasting his neck, ears and cheeks.The effect on Bobby was electric. What had been a walk in the park moments
before, was now a real challenge. To Bobby, this enfolding scene of his
Master taking Brett, was a monster turn on. He started bucking on the bench
and was breathing hard.Bobby watched wide-eyed as I stuck my tongue into Brett’s ear and then let
out a loud “ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” as he shot his load towards us.As his spasms subsided, he looked dejected. I turned the Water-bater to
level 3 and then approached the white jar and pulled out a slip of paper.”Ten lashes with a riding crop — cock and balls” I read out loud.Brett quivered.I immediately retrieved the small riding crop along with a short length of
leather lace and walked over to Brett. I tied the lace around his cockhead
and pulled his cock straight out in front of him with my left hand as the
crop poised above Brett’s cock with my right.I delivered the first blow to his rock hard manhood. It was hard, but not
very hard. Brett shook, but did not speak. Four more lashes followed in
quick succession, each harder than the one before. Brett moaned a little
but kept his control.”Five to go” I announced.”SMACK”, I landed a very hard one on Brett’s quivering pole. Again he
shook, but do not make a sound.Then I pulled the leather lace up towards Brett’s chest. His cock stood
straight up and the fleshy underside was now exposed for my attention.”SMACK”, I lashed at his cock’s sensitive underside. He thrashed on the
cross and moaned slightly.I touched the crop to his exposed balls, and smiled as he gritted his teeth
in preparation.”SMACK”, the blow fell across his balls. It wasn’t extremely hard, with
balls it doesn’t have to be.Brett bucked wildly on the cross, letting out a slight moan. Tears streamed
from his eyes.Bobby called to Brett, “That’s 8 Brett, only two left, you can do it.
You’re strong!”Brett got hold of himself and his breathing got slower.I took aim at that soft underside of his gorgeous hardon…”SMACK” another hard blow on his tortured cock! Again he bucked, and pulled
against the restraints, but he did not call out.I looked down at Bobby, “Okay Bobby, he has one left. Preteen Top
You tell me where he
gets it, Balls or Cock?”Bobby’s lip quivered and his eyes watered. He stammered, “I’m not sure I
can sir!”I replied matter of factly. “Well if you can’t decide, I’ll have to start
the count over!”Brett called to Bobby, “DO IT MAN! Just choose!”Bobby’s eyes watered as he muttered, “His balls, sir.”I smiled. Brett took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Bobby looked up at
Brett and called encouragement.Now I knew both were very bright. Bobby had made a fast decision, and one
which I suspected was based on logic. Brett was a real jock. He had been
kicked in the balls at times at would be more practiced at not crying out.So I took aim and delivered a mightly lash of the crop to the underside of
Brett’s cock.He bucked wildly and screamed!When the pain and shock subsided, I removed the cord from his cock, and then
kissed him warmly on his neck. “You did okay, boy, nothing to be ashamed
of!”I reached for the red jar and pulled out a slip of paper and read the
penalty out aloud, “Hot wax on the balls Preteen Top and hole.”So I grabbed a taper candle and walked behind Bobby. I carefully slid it
into his sweet hole, with the wick and out. It was angled in such a way
that wax would drip on his balls for awhile. As the candle burned lower,
the wax would drip on the sensitive area between his sac and hole and would
eventually begin running down his hole.I lit the candle and turned the Water-bater setting up to 4. The movement of
the constriction band was more obvious now as it began to move up and down
Bobby’s manhood at a faster pace. The vibrating sound was also clearly
audible now. I watched as drops of hot wax began hitting Bobby’s balls. He
winced as each drop found it’s mark. Then I walked back over Preteen Top to Brett and
proceeded to lick some of that delicious torture sweat from his body.Glancing over at Bobby, I could tell that he was having a rougher time than
he thought. He was sweating all over and shook slightly, every time the hot
wax hit his sensitive flesh. And of course there was the not so small
matter of the action on his cock. Bobby was a supercharged little sex
machine, and it was no time before he was once again at a high level of
excitement. Even more since he had to continue watching my exploration of
Brett’s luscious body.Speaking of Brett, he was moving very quickly to his highest state of
arousal.It took about five minutes for the candle to burn down to the point where
the wax was now falling on that supersensitive Preteen Top area between Bobby’s balls
and hole. He strained at his restraints and moaned loudly. His breathing
was growing rapid from the pain, which made the assault on his cock even
more difficult to withstand since breath control was part of his ejaculation
control strategy.If I was a betting man, I would have bet the ranch that Bobby would lose the
battle about the time the wax began dripping onto his hole. I was right.As soon as wax began covering his little hole, Bobby lost all breath
control. I chose that moment to start sliding my tongue across Brett’s abs
and down towards his pubes. Brett’s began moaning in pleasure and Bobby’s
eye’s widened, and that was it!Bobby’s went into a wild spasm, a shot another good sized load.I immediately went over, blew the candle out and removed it from Bobby’s
ass.Then I pulled a slip of paper from the white jar and read Brett’s penalty,
“Tit torture for 30 minutes.”Once more I retrieved the devices I needed from the chest and stood beside
Brett. I began by licking both of his immaculate nipples. They were hard
and erect, and very sensitive to the touch.I always like to do a little play with clothespins on a jock boy’s tits.
Common household items that are not very threatening. I carefully placed on
each tit, ensuring that they were clamped on tight and that the full body of
each tit was being squeezed by the jaws of the pin.Brett winced as I attached them. I left them in place for a couple of
minutes and watched Brett’s face. He was working hard to take the pain.I flicked both Preteen Top
pins with my finger and watched as he breathed in hard. His
eyes were watering but his cock was twitching.Then I squeezed both pins lightly. Brett shook all over and began breathing
very rapidly and was once again sweating like crazy. I could here Bobby
breathing hard behind me, struggling against level four. Still he managed to
shout some encouragement to Brett.Again I squeezed the pins, this time harder than before. I held them tight
for tens seconds.Brett was struggling, he moaned softly, but did not cry out.I stepped back and let the pain sink in more for a couple more minutes.
Then I removed the pins and massaged his nipples. He responded to my touch
with a look of great pleasure and his cock began twitching more and more.I stopped the massage and then put the pins on again and repeated the
process all over again. This pain/pleasure cycle continued the full 30
minutes, and though the pinching got Preteen Top progressively harder, Brett did not
break. In fact by the time I was done, his cockhead glistened with a hefty
amount of precum.With the clothespins gone, I glanced over at Bobby, he was doing a good but
difficult job controlling his tool. He was controlling his breathing well.
I held up two fingers and wiped Brett’s precum onto them. Bobby was all
eyes. I walked over to Bobby and held my fingertips under his nose. His
breathing got a little erratic. Then I returned to Brett and had him lick
his own shooting lube from my finger tips.As I expected, almost immediately I heard that wonderful sound behind me.”ARRRRRRRGGHHHHH”I turned my head in time to see Bobby in the throws of another powerful
orgasm.Watching this sex puppy cum could very easily become a favorite hobby. And
everytime he did, I had to control my own desire to rush behind him and
plunge my own hungry tool into that inviting butt!That time would come, but it was going to happen in a special way. I was
now sure of that.I wasted no time. I turned the water-bater to level five. It was now
making a churning type of sound. I touched the water wall, it was nice and
warm.This time when I pulled the Penalty slip for Brett, I held it up in front of
him and told him to read it. As his eyes fell on the single word, he shook
all over, then announced through quivering lips, “Ben-gay.”Bobby shouted out, “Oh please sir, don’t do that to him!”Brett glared at Bobby and told him to be quiet. I picked up the tube of
Ben-gay and opened it.I looked down at Bobby.”Well, slave boy, it’s seems you have earned a penalty. Because you spoke to
me without permission, you will also receive the same penalty as Brett.”Brett looked at Bobby and shook his head. Bobby said nothing more.I squeezed a liberal amount of ben-gay on my hand and began rubbing it on
Brett’s balls. Then I greased my hand and stroked it on Brett’s hard cock.As the ben-gay began to do it’s work, I walked over and knelt behind Bobby.
I waited until Brett was starting to show real signs of discomfort. I
wanted this to sink into Bobby’s mind.As Brett began thrashing, I reached down covered Bobby’s own balls with a
nice coating of the stuff. Then I put some on my finger and rubbed it into
his crack, across his little hole and a little inside him as well.Then I stepped back and watched my two hot boys, and I mean hot in more ways
than one.It didn’t take long before that delightful torture cream was having its full
affect. Both boys were squirming and breathing hard. Their muscles throbbed
as they pulled against their restraints and breathed harder and faster.
Seeing each other in bondage, under these conditions was incredibly arousing
to both. Their sexual flames were burning as much as there balls were.For me, the scene was intoxicating. One that defies description… my two
beautiful boys… bound helpless… naked bodies glistening with sweat…
flexing every muscle against their bonds… in a hopeless attempt to somehow
relieve the burning sensation on there sexual flesh… the smell of
menthol… burning candles… and that aromatic sweat from young sweat…I could not take it any more. I grabbed by own burning member and began
stroking wildly. It took just seconds before I was shooting all over the
place. I turned back and forth between the two of them.One solid stream of my hot man seed struck Brett in the chest… another hit
Bobby on the top of his head, I let out a howl of ecstasy and THAT triggered
the eruptions.Brett let out an incredible scream of sheer pleasure as he shot his pleasure
potion across the room in wild bursts. Bobby was yelling “OH GOD, OH GOD”
as he erupted again. Hitting me in the legs with several decent loads. This
kid must have a cum reserve like you wouldn’t believe.The moment seemed to go on forever.When the moans had subsided the only sounds you could hear was heavy
breathing, some wax sizzling, and of course the sound of the devilish
machine working Bobby’s cock.Before proceeding I took a moment to give both boys a drink of water and to
see how they were doing in their restraints. Both were fine. Exhausted,
but fine.The net result of that round was two more levels on the water-bater, and a
penalty for both of them.With the water-bater humming along at level 7, I pulled the penalty slips
for both.Bobby’s was to receive a large butt plug.For Brett, it was twenty lashes with the belt across chest, thighs, abs and
groin.I started with Bobby and to make it just a little more interesting I first
took the large plug and held it up in front of Brett’s face.”Okay, Brett, this is what’s going in Bobby’s tight little ass. As his
friend, you can help him by providing as much lubrication as possible.”Brett understood completely as I held the plug to his mouth. He immediately
set to work smearing his spit all over the plug as I turned it round and
When he was finished I carried it over to Bobby, his eyes were wide as he
saw it’s size close up.I knelt behind Bobby. At this point, neither could see the plug. I quickly
covered it with a generous amount of lube that I had hidden behind Bobby. Preteen Top I
was tough but not cruel.Then I set to work. I loosened Bobby’s whole as much as I could with my
fingers. Then I began slowly working the plug in. Bobby grunted and
groaned. It took me full 15 minutes to work it all the way in.When I was done, Bobby was moaning with great discomfort.Then I turned to Brett. He looked at me with sad, but determined eyes as I
began my work with the belt. Working at an even pace I spread the blows
over the front of his naked body. Each left a nice red welt. Nasty
looking, but the type that would fade completely in a day or so.Brett took every lash in stride. He came closest to crying out when I
delivered a hard stripe just above his pubes. But he never cried out.When I was finished, I massaged Brett’s legs arms and shoulders for awhile.Soon I was rewarded with yet another Bobby special. This one was dryer than
the rest, but still had some spunk. Bobby sighed.Brett looked at me in anticipation of his next penalty.Instead of going to the jar, I walked over to Bobby, turned off the
water-bater, and slid it off his cock.Then I released Brett from his bondage.I ordered him to remove the plus from Bobby’s ass. Since he could use his
hands this time, it did not take that long, BUT it was still accomplished
with a lot of screaming on Bobby’s part.When he was done, Brett stood beside Bobby and looked at me. Bobby of course
was still restrained on the bench.I smiled at them and announced, “Well, you two are good boys. I have Preteen Top
to give you a special chance to complete the challenge. If you succeed,
then the challenge will be considered completed. If not, we continue where
we left off.Brett, your mouth will now be Bobby’s water-bater. If you can make him cum
three more times in the next hour, you win. You may touch him anywhere you
want, with anything you want, BUT may only use your mouth on his manhood.”Both looked concerned… very concerned.I picked up an hour glass and started the sands. “You time begins now!”Brett immediately dropped to the floor, he lay down under the bench and
started Bobby’s cock with his tongue… and then his whole mouth. Brett was
very good at this when he put his mind to it. With the sands at about the
20 minute point, Bobby came. It was a dry one, but just as energetic as the
rest.Brett immediately set to work again. Bobby remained hard. Now Brett was
all over Bobby. He licked his nipples, he wiped his pubes across Bobby’s
face, tickled his balls with his tongue, fingered Bobby’s hole. The sands
continued running.Both boys were sweating hard again, but Brett’s erotic efforts were paying
off. Bobby was once more panting and shaking. He came again with around 15
minutes left.Brett continued now at a feverish pace. He was everywhere on Bobby’s hot
little body. He worked every conceivable hot spot. Though Bobby was clearly
getting more and more excited he was not yet ready to cum.Brett looked at the hour Preteen Top
glass. The sands were just about gone, maybe a
minute or two left. He sensed that sucking was not gonna do the job in
time. Then suddenly his face lit up.He jumped behind Bobby and knelt down. He delivered two VERY HARD slaps to
Bobby’s red little ass, forced his cheeks apart and plunged his tongue
furiously into Bobby’s hole.It was like lightning had struck. Bobby immediately started bucking wildly.
I thought he would break the legs off the bench. His butt muscles
contracted tightly and his balls literally shot up towards his cock.”ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH… OH…. OHHHH…. GODDDDDDDDD!”And Bobby shot, and not dry shots either! It wasn’t much, but the two gobs
of Bobby’s hot sweet seed SHOT across the room like bullets just before the
last sands dropped in Preteen Top the hourglass.After they both caught their breath, I had Brett release Bobby from his
restraints.Then I ordered them to clean up the room. I told them they could sleep in
the same cell that night and were free of any rules or restraints. Their
cell would remain unlocked and they could move throughout the house.Finally I patted them both on the shoulders and said, “I am very, very proud
of both of you. You did well tonight. I am going to sleep now, but if
either of you needs anything during the night, or if you want to talk, you
may wake me.”I smiled and left the two to cleanup.As I lay in bed, dozing off I could here Brett and Bobby working in the
basement. Eventually things got quiet. A little time passed and then I
heard it. That unmistakable sound of something the two of them needed so
desperately. I smiled and switched off the monitors as I identified the
sweet sounds of tender, gentle and yet passionate love making between my two
Just before dawn I awoke to a light tapping on my bedroom door. I sat up on
the edge of the bed and said “Come In.”The door swung open and Bobby and Brett entered. They stood at the foot of
my bed, their naked bodies glowing in the moonlight from the bay windows.”Yes, boys, do you need something? Remember you may speak freely.”They looked at each other, then back at me. Bobby smiled and said softly,
“Master, we have something for you, it would mean a great deal to us if we
could give it to you.”I shrugged my shoulders and said “Okay, boys.”Without saying another word, they knelt before me. Brett reached up and
touched his finger to my lips, indicating I shouldn’t speak.Then Bobby leaned down and took my manhood into his sweet little mouth.
Brett joined in, snuggling under Bobby and Preteen Top licking my balls. They kept at
it for what seemed an eternity. They would bring me to the edge, then back
off, then work me back to the edge, over and over again.When it seemed I could take no more, they rose to their feet, backed away
and did something both beautiful and amazing.Brett turned and knelt down on the floor with his back to me. He then
lowered his chest to the floor, leaving his ass in the air.Then Bobby walked behind Brett. He straddled Brett’s body like he was about
to hump him. He bent over and wrapped his arms tightly around Brett’s
chest. Then slid down Brett’s back some more. He spread his legs wide then
hunched up onto Brett and wrapped his slender legs around Brett’s waist.
His manhood rested just above Brett’s crack.In this incredibly erotic position, both love holes were open and exposed.After one final shift to ensure they were locked together, Bobby jerked his
head around and said pleadingly, “Master sir, please TAKE us now.”My eyes Preteen Top watered as I walked behind them and looked at those beautiful
glowing butts. I placed my hands on Bobby’s back and bent my legs.Bobby smiled and begged, “Do us long Master, do us Hard!”And so I did!NEXT: Pledge Weekend begins… with the games… the challenges… the
sweat… and of course those penalties!NOTE: If you have any suggestions for any of the upcoming encounters send
them to westwoodscottyhotmail.com. If I can work them in I will.Feel free to suggest some devilish challenges for the pledges OR any of the
boys mentioned. LOL, like, ?I would like to see Ronnie (or whoever) have to
do this, or have this done to him, etc.?
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